Celebrating & nurturing the dance community in Hamilton, Ontario


The meeting took place Tuesday, April 2, 12 pm at The Hamilton Arts Council (51 Stuart St). Please see the pdf copies of the minutes for attendees.

Welcome and informal introductions, regrets were acknowledged, the meeting was an ongoing discussion among the attendees, with only two specific items on the agenda.

Item #1

A vision for #DanceHamOnt.

  • • There was a contextual discussion about challenges, experiences, and the intrinsic value of community amongst Hamilton-based dance and movement artists.

  • • >We agreed on the importance of valuing our individual work, the lack of resources to support the quality of work we wish to create, and barriers we face when working as individual enterprises

We clarified that #DanceHamOnt is a resource​, a channel for communication between movement artists, educators, and enthusiasts. We acknowledge, without prejudice, the diverse dance landscape of established artists, studio owners, emerging artists, and educators throughout Hamilton and the surrounding area.

  • • DanceHamOnt.ca has already been established as a landing page - people are currently able to join our mailing list and follow links to our social media.

  • • Our objective:​ For DanceHamOnt.ca to become a centralized database of dance artists, opportunities and resources including a community calendar for upcoming events (i.e auditions, performances, workshops, meetings, job postings). We discussed creating artists profiles and information - curated in an inclusive and community-guided way.

We are keen for interested parties to join us and share knowledge, insight, and assistance with selecting content and getting involved in these valuable endeavours.

Item #2

Hamilton Arts Week | Performance Opportunity | Inaugural event.

Hamilton Arts Week will be running from June 14 - 21 across the city of Hamilton. David had identified an opportunity, on Sunday, June 16, for DanceHamOnt to create an event. This would be a ‘Works In Progress’ event, and an opportunity to introduce ourselves to our community in a proactive and visible way. David suggested advancing quickly, because of time sensitivity, to coordinate and confirm details.

The meeting closed at approximately 1pm, with the next meeting date and location TBC.

Since the meeting; a document has been prepared to outline the ‘Works In Progress’ event, 1 of 2 potential venues for this event have been approached and we are awaiting confirmation. A document outlining #DanceHamOnt and the proposed event for June 16th is available from DanceHamOnt.